Finding the Perfect Wedding Locations in Las Vegas


Once you decide to get married, the entire focus shifts to finding the perfect locations. Friends and family immediately step in and start talking about their own wedding or some memorable wedding that they attended. They giving suggestions about selecting the wedding location. However, it’s finally you and your partner that will choose the venue.

Traditionally, couples exchange their wedding vows in a place or worship or a courthouse. But these days, partners are choosing the most unique places to tie the wedding knot, including underwater and aloft in a hot air balloon in Las Vegas.

After the wedding vows are exchanged the wedding reception takes place. Therefore, you may need to find two locations for your wedding. Some people prefer getting married outdoors. Whatever location or locations you select for the wedding, a lot of planning and research is required. In fact, finding the perfect Las Vegas Wedding Reception Packages can become a full time task. That’s why you may want to hire the services of event managers.

Some couples still prefer to exchange their wedding vows in the solemn atmosphere of a place of worship. If this sounds like you, you can be surprised to find that there is generally a waiting list at these locations. Also, the number of people who can attend this solemn ceremony is limited by the availability of seats at these places. That’s why you have to be selective about the number of people they want to invite for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the focus shifts to the wedding reception venue and this is where the fun starts. Wedding receptions are sit down lunch or dinner affairs with dancing and toasts being made to the newlyweds. Traditionally, couples prefer to book wedding reception halls in hotel. However, if you are more adventuresome, you can choose Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Packages. There are thousands of beautiful locations to choose from. They range from sandy beaches to lakeside parks, meadows and country homes. There is no dearth of wedding locations to select from.

Selecting a wedding location really depends on your preference and how many people you plan to invite. In case of an outdoor location, you will need decorators to provide the tents and seating accommodation and caterers to prepare and serve the meal. Outdoor locations can also have a waiting list. Therefore, make sure you set your wedding date depending upon the simultaneous availability of the place of worship and the place to hold the reception.


The Coolest and Most Affordable Wedding Packages in Las Vegas


Tying the knot is usually one of the most memorable moments in the life of any individual. All one needs to seal the union between themselves and the person they love is an unforgettable wedding. Some people may opt for a big wedding where all their relatives and friends are present. While others may try a crazy fun wedding with just a few friends invited to witness. Whichever style you prefer, you can bet that you can find what you really want from one of the neat wedding packages offered in Vegas. These wedding packages include the following.

The Mobile Wedding

In Las Vegas, anything is possible, so do not be surprised when you get the mobile wedding package. They are so affordable and the price starts from as little as just $129. The Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Packages is preferred by individuals who love small and spontaneous weddings. This comes inclusive of a qualified minister, witnesses, and many pictures. The minute you get your legit marriage certificate, you can proceed to call your team to your room for a small celebration where you can pop the champagne if you drink. You can also choose to have the celebration outside the hotel.

Under Water Wedding

This particular package is one that will give you the literal experience of what it means to plunge in to your relationship. It is among the most affordable Las Vegas Wedding Packages. In addition to this, it is one of the most interesting and daring packages out there, and you are about to find out why. The package comes with a huge aquarium that has actual sharks, real stingrays, and beautiful bridesmaids dressed as mermaids. The best part of this package is actually the hotel gifts, the rehearsal dinner, great accommodation and numerous pictures. With such a wedding, there is no way you would lack a story to tell your friends when recounting your experience in Vegas.

Elvis Presley Weddings

This is probably one of the most famous packages in Vegas. The king of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, left a unique legacy of weddings being done the same way he did his. This was after he and his woman tied the knot several years ago. The Elvis themed weddings have since been happening for a number of years now. The package entails rolling in either a four-wheel motorcycle or in a limo. Aside from this, one gets to enjoy a tropical ambience complete with Hawaiian Hula dancers. It is all simply something to behold.

Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Venues


Outdoor weddings are what many people prefer nowadays for their weddings to be memorable. Millennials do not want to have traditional weddings in churches or synagogues. It was the hippy era which actually started the tradition of outdoor weddings. If you want to find an outdoor wedding venue in Las Vegas, get on the internet and search.

In Las Vegas, there is an amazing collection of outdoor wedding venues to select from. You can plan your wedding in a park, zoo, botanical garden, on a boat, in the gardens of a stately home, on the pool, in a meadow or on a hill top. The choices are unlimited. Outdoor weddings, especially in summers, have become very popular in the Las Vegas. More couples are today having their weddings outdoors.

There are several Las Vegas Wedding Packages that can be hired by couples who want a truly memorable wedding in a place that brings them close to nature. Apart from parks and stately homes gardens, you can also hire the zoo if you love wildlife. If you love nature, you can hire the botanical gardens. If you are sports fans, you can hire a football stadium. You could also hire a boat and hold your wedding event while floating gently or have your wedding on the waterfront at the lovely pubs and restaurants.

If you plan on getting married at an outdoor venue in Las Vegas, you have plenty of options to choose from. For example, you can have an unusual wedding on a schooner or hire a sailing ship and have a memorable cruise on your wedding. Of course, you can also hire a park, an estate or a garden to have your wedding.

Las Vegas Wedding Reception Packages allow you and your partner to give guests a venue to remember. The wedding venues have a charm of their own. People feel much more relaxed when they are outdoors since they are not cramped for space like is the case with a regular wedding hall. Apart from this, some venues allow the wedding bands to play the music as loud as they want. This allows the visitors to dance without care. If you love music, remember to hire your favorite band to play at their wedding. There would be no better place for the band to play than at an outdoor wedding venue. Having a charming outdoor wedding will also be a cherished memory for the couple and all the people who attend it.